I had opportunity to be a guest at the Carriage House, in Kohler, Wisconsin back in August...I know it's terrible, but I'm just now sharing.   I was to take a tour of Kohler, and I mean the whole experience starting with the hotel itself, decked out in the finest.  Then off to the Kohler Showroom, next day to the Kohler Factory and the Ann Sacks showroom, lunch at the American Club and a tour of a their World Class Waters Spa.  I'll tell you one thing, in a time where custom satisfaction is at an all time low, and companies (especially big companies), think of you as just another number.  A tour like this--where they want to educate their clients and help us to understand the companies history and the ideology behind their brand, not to mention a company that produces in the United States, created a client for life.  They really are a classy company, with a family of products ranging from Ann Sacks to Baker and even to their higher end fixture line Kallista...Barbara Barry has an amazing collection through Kallista, by the way. 
 Below are some of the fantastic bathrooms at their showroom!