Kitchen Inspiration

Looking for inspiring kitchens, I took a look back through my library of photos.  These are some of the most dreamy, and beautiful kitchens.  I looove to cook so seeing myself in any of these is hardly a challenge!  But deciding which to include was...so I included them all!


Mahina Boutiques Completed!

This past year Natalie Younger Interior Design has been working on five retail stores located on the island of Maui and Oahu. The logistics and planning involved required a lot of care and detail (not that this doesn't go into every project, but it required a huge team of support). There was not one piece of furniture in the stores that were purchased on the island. Everything was shipped using a company that brought every package over to the island by boat of course...there was no running quickly to the store to pick up another one! It was very exciting to see all the items that you were putting on the list, checking it twice..okay three times, finally arrive and installed. Each store had it's own charm, from the laid back charm of Paia a town on Maui, to the hustle and bustle of Mahina on the boardwalk in Waikiki.
You can't visit just one, you really have to visit them all! Check and check!


Unique Spaces-From Floor Up

Always looking for inspiring rooms-looking for floor to ceiling ideas for a project I came across these!!  I can't get enough!

Floor installation by artist Jim Lambie

Marbelous by Snedker Studio


Maui Photo Shoot

Just put the finishing touches on a home in Maui that I have been working on!  It's always exciting to see a project come into all it's glory.  Check back to see all the stunning before and afters...but until then--
here's a sneak peak...

Featured on A passion for Beautiful Things: Designer Profile: Natalie Younger

My design firm was profiled on A Passion for Beautiful Things!  
Thanks for the generous post Nuit!


 Check out her amazing eye for style here!
A passion for Beautiful Things: Designer Profile: Natalie Younger: You know, a friend of a friend {alright, its me} is having a few issues with an ex and it's just starting to get old. Have you had those?...