Serie Architects!

Found this jaw dropping ceiling on Design Boom, "the physical construction of the installation required over 2 months of work by 20 individuals - 5 staff
members from serie architects and 15 students. 120 plywood panels serve as the underlying structural system,featuring a pixilated grid of 150 mm diameter perforations that hold the more than million threads".  

One person may dream up this crazy idea, but it takes a team to see it come to life!  To see more images find it here!

Serie Architects: The Monsoon Club

Serie Architects: Tote India

Serie Architects: Tote India


Custom Designed Table by NYID

Just designed a new table for one of our clients here at NYID.  This as well as several other custom pieces have been designed for the marketing firm MUSE Communications located in Culver City.  It's exciting to see an idea take shape and materialize with the help of several skilled craftsmen.  I can tell you that the poor little model has seen better days!  The day that I cease to shock our contractors, I might have to retire.  But I can tell you that I definitely had them perplexed once again on just how these diagrams and mini models would actually come to life!  Here's a preview of one of the tables.

 Inspiration takes shape-Spiral staircase by Manuel Maia Gomes who
is a popular Portuguese architect this is from
“House Antero de Quental".


Pendant Lights!

The life of a designer can be interesting and challenging in so many ways.  I know that people think we sit around all day er'day picking out paint colors and pretty things.  But that is a small percentage of what we actually do.  I always joke that I'm not an Interior Designer but a problem solver because that is really what we spend most of our time doing.  Case in point-you think once you've found those amazing pendants that are crazy perfect in just a click of a button, you wait a week and they arrive...that is rarely the case.  I had to take a picture of the packaging that the pendant lights from France arrived in.  Ordered over 40 days ago, just to be sure to have them installed by deadline, stranded in customs for over 3 weeks, 100 emails and they finally showed up!  Just in time, totally worth the wait and what an impact they will have in the room!  No need to look for replacements, problem solved.

Goccia Pendant Light by Stephano Papi