Maison de Luxe-Greystone Showroom

Finally!  A room in a show house that blows your mind.  While there were the usual suspects--and I don't mean the designers, but the same old ideas just re-formatted in a less than daring way.  THIS room was incredibly innovative, so interesting and the juxtaposition of velvety luxe fabric benches cantilevered and hovering over thick sisal flooring, an infinity wall that is absolutely jaw dropping, to the gilded ceiling.  Oh and the backs of the benches are just too, too clever!!
Twilight room by Kendall Wilkinson, Photography courtesy of Grey Crawford for Maison de Luxe.
See more of the room and an interview with the designer via A Lovely Being


Wall Street Journal- House of the Day

Not too shabby... the Wall Street Journal has a blog where they showcase exceedingly expensive pads, most that are horribly designed ( I might add) however, I came across this new development of high rises in Hong Kong known as Imperial Cullinan, that actually looks like it should be expensive.  There isn't one inch of the roughly 2,000 sq. ft. flat hasn't been touched by some over the top design feature.  While the italian marble floors are just too beautiful, and the lighting plan has been designed to the last chandelier dripping with something dazzling, it just feels a bit off.  If you're lucky enough, you can move into the "Imperial Sky Manor" and slip right into your own private rooftop pool--all for the right price of course!


Dinner Party

Printed Soft Fold-Over Clutch Stella McCartney
Armchair 41 "PAIMIO" Alvar Aalto
Panel SCREEN 100 Alvar Aalto
Snake Biker Jacket Bootie Alexander McQueen
Kilian Fragrance-Art Deco Inspired Limited Edition
Light PENDANT LAMP A331 Alvar Aalto
Revolution Collection Champagne Glasses by Felicia Ferrone
Wallpaper Osborne & Little
Art by artist Scott Hile for Rosenbaum Fine Art
Crystal By Eduardo Garza
Dead Flowers Long Necklace Charm & Chain
Asymetrical Pyramid Ring Set Charm & Chain



One of my favorite clients, (favorite I say, because it's not often that you meet  A. one who has complete and utter faith in your creative vision and B. a client who tells you that they only have two requests!  These requests--that I incorporated his art and sprinkle in black and gold).  While he is quite the jet setter and travels to places I can only gaze at now and then on my loooong list of places to have an intermission from designing............
Places that inspire me as an Interior Designer such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Shanghai for their verve and ingenuity when it comes to approaching design, with his particular project I brought the east to the west...below are some pictures from one of his most recent trips that look very similar to his own place! 
I looove it!


Nina Simone

Visiting an old friend-she never disappoints, or let's you down, she can entertain at a party like no other and close the show down, she isn't needy, and gives more than she gets, what a friend this Nina Simone.  

I can say after playing the piano for 11 years (and as rusty as they come) I appreciate every single time I put her record on, the songs, where to begin?? If I had to pick one this second Good Bait...is as good as it gets, --ask me again in a minute I might say The Thrill is Gone, the next Wild is the Wind...

Nina Simone, Good Bait

Public Hotel Chicago

Looking for hotels this weekend for an upcoming trip, I stumbled upon this little gem.  Public Hotel in Chicago is not just another new hotel to the block, but one that is trying to take on reinventing the ideal luxury hotel experience--all of this plus rates that are very attractive.  Ian Schrager the man behind the self named company and mastermind of bringing this new concept of "home away from home" to anyone willing to buy into it and stay for a night or two.  His "new" idea is to approach the boutique hotel experience in a authentic way, he claims "“People today are sophisticated and they understand good design, quality, originality and commitment to excellence. They will not accept something derivative and want the ethos and soul of a hotel to be authentic and have character as well as provide impeccable, modern and gracious personalized service that is at the same time luxurious yet down to earth." --WOW, that is a tall order and quite ambitious, I will let you know how he did!~

Public Hotel Chicago, Pump Room

 Pump Room Bar, transforms into a supper club at night

Public Hotel- Guest Room

 Public Hotel- Lobby

Public Hotel-Library Bar


Gold & More Gold

Came along Eduardo Garza's website by way of ELLE Decor.  Simply amazing designs, organic shapes with dipped gold, lucite, crystals...oh a girl can dream can't she?


Artist Profile. Jean-Michel Basquiat

I once read an exchange that someone had with the artist, the story 

Begins-The Mudd Club in NYC in the late 70's. 
Enter-Basquiat, hair dyed bright orange, wearing a lab coat and carrying a briefcase,
Man-"Going on a trip?"
"Clearly," I would say. 

I first saw the his work in all it's glory around 05'.  The exhibition was at MOCA, and having read the above sometime after, it's amazing how a one word reply by the artist puts everything in context.  Of course looking at the paintings in person and in relation to the huge scale of each piece-- a 5' skeleton head, next to an 3' arm and a bunch of letters, not quite forming words-- it's something that crosses your mind.  The contained chaos, the use of human body parts, dis-jointed, but connected at the same time by some maze of imagination is interesting work to say the very least. 

Jean-Michel Basquiat-Untitled.1983

Jean Michel-Basquiat-In the Cipher.1982