Oh and the Lighting!

Always looking for inspiration, the theme was lighting.  No matter how fantastic a room turns out, if you do not create an environment that's layered with the ambiance of lighting, then it just doesn't cut it.  Below are some images of dreamy, sexy, energetic and relaxing rooms that all get my approval!


Oooh the Tile!

Just saw the completed tile wall in the galley of my clients house. I wanted it to be drop dead gorgeous as this is the first thing you see upon entering!  I think it hit the mark.
Tile by Waker Zanger, Console by Noir

All new custom designed furniture with the new rug...still waiting on the coffee table but all ready you can see the dramatic difference.  So light and airy.

Waiting on this coffee table, the graceful legs will add softness to the setting.
Coffee Table- Stanley Coastal Resort Collection


Custom Furniture

Finding inspiration for a chaise.  The idea was to have one that wasn't so bulky and heavy in the room.  By reducing the base, adding soft nickel nail heads--on top of the gorgeous, hand picked soft blue leather, it is going to be amazing!  Sigh.


New Music



Tycho-Musician and his alter-ego, the Artist ISO50 hail from San Francisco.  His music has an energy about it that is at once calming and inspiring.   

Inspiration--New Library

Planning the new library has had me stretching back through all my design images.  Hoping to find that perfect mix to inspire my retreat.  Here are some of the rooms that have all offered inspiration.


New Music

Nothing like getting ready for a night to Aluna Francis and George Reid of AlunaGeorge, from London this is Hip Pop at it's best.  While your're there check out Analyser, you might have to wait until you get to 1:00 to see why.  As a little bit of a dabbler on the beat pad, I gotta say this beat is sickk.


Plus House in Japan.  Is there anything else to say?

 Architects of this perfection are Masahiro and Mao Harada, who founded Mount Fuji Architects Studio in 2004.

This house located in Sydney, Australia--now said to be known as the Skylight House, once had the bones of a traditional Victorian style home.  What a transformation!  Here is one photo of the atrium like passageway that the architects and designers at Chenchow Little.  The interior design by Janice Chenchow of Chenchow Little.


Custom Furniture

One of the best things about being an Interior Designer is designing custom furniture. Each project has pieces that have been carefully tailored to suit each clients space and needs.  Whether it is 120 linear feet of deep tufted, bench seating in a restaurant, a sofa and chairs to a dining table hanging by chains--nothings off limits.  Here is a peak at what I took to visit my upholster at the factory.  The results are exactly what she wanted.  Hope to share these photos soon!


Thanks Gavin.

New Photos for NY Interior Design

I'm a lucky girl!  Yesterday was the shoot for my portraits with my A-Ma-ZIng photographer Bethany Nauert who's work will be published in Elle Decor, Design Bureau, Town & Country and Marie Claire in December alone!!  Congrats to her!


Dinner Party

Photograph of the Day

One of the most interesting photographers I know, his photos of buildings around the country are always inspiring.
Location: Century City, CA

Sugamo Shinkin Bank by Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design
Location: Shimura,Tokyo


Doing What You Love

Some of us are lucky enough to find ourselves immersed everyday in our passion. Now this is a 9-5 worth every minute. Do you think Red Bull sponsors Interior Designers?

Another Boring Show home

Just revealed recently (Oct 5) was Hearst Magazines Designer Visions Apartment- House Beautiful, Veranda, Town & Country et al., took part in designing what life at 1212 Fifth Avenue should look like.  Their take, honestly, couldn't be more boring and predictable.  It's almost as if the designers pumped a regurgitated room out of one of their old project files, so to speak.  I don't know about you but when I go to a show home or a house tour I want to be envious of the people that get to move in.  Now I realize this is still living that can't quite be frowned upon, but as an Interior Designer, I like to look to see what new ideas from the top people in the industry come up with.  Here's a couple photos of the tour.  I'll let them speak for themselves.

 Numi Toilet by Kohler. [House Beautiful master bath]

 Miele wall ovens in the S. Russell Groves-designed kitchen. [House Beautiful kitchen] 


Study in Color

Inspiration for pushing boundaries comes in the form of one of my favorite architects, Luis Barragán. Known for designing in the International Style, he certainly was not contained within this "category".  In fact, he created something all his own.  His work reflected so much within what seem to be such simple parameters.  His major tools--his mastery of space and light. He was able to take the most basic forms and use them to create the most enchanting light within each room.  By using color he added an element of the unexpected.  Bringing the beauty in the most simplistic forms, is the genius within.

Luis Barragán-San Cristobal house and stud farm. Los Clubes, Atizapán de Zaragoza, Mexico 1968.

Luis Barragán-Casa Gilardi, Mexico City

Barragán’s home at Calle Ramírez, Mexico City

Finding the Right Font

Looking for fonts is a daunting task.  Especially when it has to be just the right one--the right look, the vibe it evokes, what it adds to the overall presentation, so many things.  After going through only about 80 pages, I found the one.  Can't really describe it, but you know it when you see it...and sometimes it's the least expected.


Loving Oversized Art

Sometimes creating the most impact in a room, can be either the smallest detail like one bold red piece in a black and white room.  But in the case of all of these rooms-- it is the oversized art that takes center stage...can't get enough.
Dark & Moody

Chic & Fun

Vintage Chesterfields & Bold Colors

Photograph of the Day

The last two days have been rainy days in L.A.  Found this quote by Bob Marley on one of my favorite websites.


Latest Project Profiled

Just completed a dream job.  The clients two requests--that his love for gold and I mean anything and everything be incorporated into the scheme and that we don't take the space too seriously.  As it turns out, when your imagination is left to run wild there is quite a bit of playfulness, and whimsy to this bachelor pad.  Check out some before and after's pictures hereShot by one fabulous photographer, Bethany Nauert

Living Room Inspiration

Dreaming up inspiration for my new client.  Her request for the living room "something dreamy, and sophisticated"--merge a little of each and I think I'm on the right track.

Photograph of the Day

Absolutely Obsessed with her work.  Inspired is not quite the word.