Study in Color

Inspiration for pushing boundaries comes in the form of one of my favorite architects, Luis Barragán. Known for designing in the International Style, he certainly was not contained within this "category".  In fact, he created something all his own.  His work reflected so much within what seem to be such simple parameters.  His major tools--his mastery of space and light. He was able to take the most basic forms and use them to create the most enchanting light within each room.  By using color he added an element of the unexpected.  Bringing the beauty in the most simplistic forms, is the genius within.

Luis Barragán-San Cristobal house and stud farm. Los Clubes, Atizapán de Zaragoza, Mexico 1968.

Luis Barragán-Casa Gilardi, Mexico City

Barragán’s home at Calle Ramírez, Mexico City