Glamorous Pieces from Arteriors

Looking around for unique pieces to use on one of our newest projects, I know Arteriors never disappoints.  Here are just some of the newest additions that caught my eye!



Industrial Style Window Panes

Taking a break from the day and life of being an Interior Designer...these gorgeous rooms gave me a burst of energy.  I used this architectural detail on The Churchill, a bar & restaurant I designed in West Hollywood, and it has me thinking again of new ways to incorporate them in unexpected places, like the photo of the shower below, or perhaps using the idea of it and re-interpreting. Who knows...didn't I say I was taking a break??


New Music

Inspiration comes in so many forms.  As a Designer, I see it everywhere, in nature, in art, in the perfect shade of blue, but nothing inspires me quite like music. If you haven't discovered him yet, you should. Check him out here