Artist Profile. Jean-Michel Basquiat

I once read an exchange that someone had with the artist, the story 

Begins-The Mudd Club in NYC in the late 70's. 
Enter-Basquiat, hair dyed bright orange, wearing a lab coat and carrying a briefcase,
Man-"Going on a trip?"
"Clearly," I would say. 

I first saw the his work in all it's glory around 05'.  The exhibition was at MOCA, and having read the above sometime after, it's amazing how a one word reply by the artist puts everything in context.  Of course looking at the paintings in person and in relation to the huge scale of each piece-- a 5' skeleton head, next to an 3' arm and a bunch of letters, not quite forming words-- it's something that crosses your mind.  The contained chaos, the use of human body parts, dis-jointed, but connected at the same time by some maze of imagination is interesting work to say the very least. 

Jean-Michel Basquiat-Untitled.1983

Jean Michel-Basquiat-In the Cipher.1982